ANAP | Analysis and Applications


The group of Analysis and Applications is composed of 27 PhD members, 5 PhD students  and 1 scholarship.

The members of this group have long last collaborations with national and foreign researchers and work in a wide variety of topics in fundamental and applied analysis as well as in multidisciplinary applications. The research subjects include Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, History of Mathematics, Hypercomplex Analysis, Kinetic Theory, Modelling, Numerical Analysis, Orthogonal Polynomials, Robotics, and Scientific Computing.


PHD Members

Non PHD Members

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Last Publications

Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences | 2021

Isabel Cação

Helmuth Malonek

Graça Tomaz

Neural Computing and Applications | 2020

Weronika Wojtak

Paulo Vicente

Luís Louro

Estela Bicho

Sports Engineering (SPEN) | 2020

F. Barros

N. Viriato

C. Rodrigues

M. Vaz

A.M. Afonso

COMMUNICATIONS IN CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS Volume: 22 Issue: 3 Article Number: 1850054 DOI: 10.1142/S0219199718500542 Published: MAY 2020 | 2020

LE MATEMATICHE Vol. LXXV (2020) – Issue I, pp. 277–311 doi: 10.4418/2020.75.1.13 | 2020

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems | 2020

Weronika Wojtka

Emanuel Sousa


Estela Bicho

Journal of Engineering Mathematics | 2020

A.M. Ribau

M.L. Morgado

M. Rebelo

M.A. Alves

F.T. Pinho

A.M. Afonso

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