SAPOR | Statistics, Applied Probability and Operational Research


The group of Statistics, Applied Probability and Operational Research is composed of 12 PhD members and 4 PhD students.

The members of this group have collaborations with external researchers and work in a wide variety of topics on statistic, probability and operational research. The team work is strongly motivated by multidisciplinary applications, involving areas such as Engineering, Biology, Environment and Health Sciences.  The main research areas include Continuous and Mixed-integer Nonlinear Programming, Extreme Value Theory, Global Optimization, Modelling, Multivariate Analysis, Non and Semi-parametric Inference, Spatial and Temporal Data Analysis, and Stochastic Processes.


PHD Members

Non PHD Members

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Last Publications

Journal of Mental Health | 2020

Susana Pedras

André Carvalho

Rui Carvalho

M. Pereira

Journal of Global Optimization | 2020

M.J.F.G. Macêdo

E.W. Karas

A.M.A.C. Rocha

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | 2020

A.M.A.C. Rocha

E.M.G.P. Fernandes

Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation | 2020

Gustavo Soutinho

Pedro Oliveira

41st Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics | 2020

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