Interconnect Bypass Fraud Detection

Interconnect Bypass Fraud Detection

Sala Seminários do DMAT(Ed.6-3.08), Gualtar/online

2023-03-03 - 14:10

- 21:00

Bruno Miguel Delindro Veloso (Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto e LIAAD - INESC TEC)

Abstract :: The high asymmetry of international termination rates is fertile ground for the appearance of fraud in Telecom Companies. International calls have higher values when compared with national ones, which raises the attention of fraudsters.
We present a solution for a real problem called Interconnect Bypass Fraud, more specifically, a newly identified distributed pattern that crosses different countries and keeps fraudsters from being tracked by almost all fraud detection techniques. This problem is one of the most expressive in the telecommunication domain, and it has some abnormal behaviors like the occurrence of a burst of calls from specific numbers.

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