Theses Type Year Student Nationality Advisor(s) Status Link
Dynamical Systems in General Relativity and in Modified Gravity Theories PhD 2017 Vitor Emanuel Moreira Bessa Portugal Artur Alho Completed
On completeness of Halphen systems and of pseudo-Riemannian geodesic flows PhD 2017 Ahmed Elshafei Netherlands (the) Helena Reis Completed
Estudos numéricos sobre modelos viscoelásticos integro-diferenciais fracionários PhD 2017 Rosalía Taboada Leiva António Castelo Filho Completed
Hydrodynamic limits in kinetic theory of reactive mixtures PhD 2016 Benjamin Anwasia Nigeria Patrícia Gonçalves Completed
A novel dynamic field model supporting a continuum of bump amplitudes: Analysis and Applications PhD 2016 Weronika Wojtak Poland Estela Bicho Completed
From human motor control to human-like robot motion PhD 2016 Gianpaolo Gulletta Estela Bicho Completed
Development of a robotic system to assist neurosurgeons in minimally invasive stereotactic procedures PhD 2013 Carlos André de Oliveira Faria Portugal Estela Bicho Completed
Stability of spacetimes with ergo-region PhD 2016 João Miguel da Silva Oliveira Portugal Carlos Herdeiro Completed
Critical phenomena in gravitational collapse and black hole formation PhD 2016 Paulo Miguel Grilo da Luz Portugal José Lemos Completed
Optimizing oncological surgical care: from risk stratification to risk mitigation PhD Maria José Afonso Teodósio Bento, Daniel Moreira Gonçalves In Progress
Recent advances in the statistical analysis of failure time data PhD Portugal , In Progress
In-car recommendation engine: development of solutions towards a cognitive system for drivers’ mobility routines PhD Pedro Miguel Ferreira Guimarães Portugal Sérgio Monteiro, André Ferreira In Progress