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The CoSysM3 project aims to contribute to the scientific advance in…

Statistical methods are crucial to understand reality and foster…

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Anfiteatro da Escola de Ciências, Edifício 6,… | -

CMAT LabsFest is an initiative by CMAT.

Sala de Seminários Ed.6-3.08 | | 16:00

GTA Seminar | Speaker: Ilka Agricola (Marburg,…

Sala de Seminários do DMAT, campus de Gualtar | | 11:00

Título: Modelling Self-organization or…

UMinho, pólo de Gualtar | | 11:00

Título: Mathematical models for agricultural…

Research Groups

The research group of Algebra, Logic and Computation is composed of 19 PhD members, 5 PhD students and 1 scholarship.

The group of Analysis and Applications is composed of 30 PhD members, 7 PhD students and 2 scholarships.

The Geometry, Topology and Applications (GTA) group is composed of 10 PhD members and 5 PhD students.

The group of Statistics, Applied Probability and Operational Research is composed of 13 PhD members, 7 PhD students and 4 scholarships.…