Board games

Board games


The OutLab and CMAT Junior Group created a board games activity, emphasizing games that use mathematical thinking, such as Set and Dobble as well as the mathematical games used in the National Mathematical Games Championship: Ouri, Semaphore, Hex, Slime Trail, Breakthrough and Points and Squares.

The OutLab aims, with this initiative, to motivate students to use these games and has a project underway to develop a board game, created with the support of students and in partnership with the Braga City Council.

In December 2019, it received the Armário 65, promoted by Cidade Curiosa, within the scope of the Youth Participatory Budget of the municipality, in partnership with the CMAT Junior Group and OutLab (read the news at Correio do Minho).

In 2020, OutLab elaborated a padlet about board games, used in the European Reserachers Night of 2020, mostly comemorated online.