European Researchers' Night 2021

European Researchers' Night 2021

Altice Forum | Braga


OutLab secured 5 grants from the Summer with Science Program for the month of September 2021, specifically aimed at supporting the creation of material for the European Researchers' Night, which was dedicated to the theme "SCICLI - Science for Climate". The five grant recipients studied the topics 'A :: Weather Forecasting and the Butterfly Effect' and 'B :: Navier-Stokes Equations in Meteorology'. Posters for the exhibition, pixelated images, a hologram with instructions for home reproduction, and a large-scale painting using 500 Rubik's cubes, based on a pixelated Lorenz image, were produced.

You can see the posters (in Portuguese) below the photos.


Elaborados por bolseiros do "Verão com Ciência"


poster1               poster2               poster3               poster4


poster5               poster6               poster7                poster8