International Day of Mathematics 2022

International Day of Mathematics 2022



In 2022, the theme of the International Day of Mathematics is Mathematics Unites.

CMAT  (Centro de Matemática da Universidade do Minho) joins the celebrations of this day and, through proposed activities, CMAT intends to raise public awareness of the importance and impact of mathematics in daily life, in education and as a development tool.

OutLab's actives on this day are incorporated on CMAT Labs Fest, is a joint activity with the remaining CMAT Labs. This is the first edition of CMAT Labs Fest, which is planned to become a yearly event. Registration, programme and additional information can be found at the Braga meeting webpage and the UTAD meeting webpage.

Additionally, together with a few students, we organised an escape room titled "The Life of Pi" offered to students from high schools and the university.