Point vortices, regular islands and polynomials

Point vortices, regular islands and polynomials

Room 3.08 of DMat at UMinho

2022-11-25 - 14:30

2022-11-25 - 16:00


Sílvio Gama

CMUP - University of Porto


Abstract ::  After a brief description of what point vortices and passive particles are - on the plane and on the sphere - and how they can mimic real flows, we will derive their dynamic equations from the two-dimensional incompressible Euler equation. Next, we establish the connection between the relative equilibria of identical point (planar) vortices and the first and second derivatives of the polynomial that has the positions of the vortices as its roots. Finally, we will present some open problems, as well as simulations based on computational models.


Seminar Room of DMat-UMinho (3.08), and via zoom at 


Seminar for the Doctoral Program in Applied Mathematics (MAP-PDMA Seminar)