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Statistics and Applied Probability

The group is interested in a number of areas of probability andstatistics. Probability is mainly used to model physical and biologicalphenomena. In statistics, the focus lies on modelling phenomena usingstatistical models to explain available data. In this technologicalage, we have large data sets at our disposal, but some of these are notdesign for our purposes and we want to construct our databases too. Theaim is to explain data using statistical models, thereby learning aboutthe underlying processes that have produced these data sets. We areworking on new ways to think about, look at, and compute with data.

The major strengths of the group are
•    extreme value theory
•    branching processes
•    survival analysis and biostatistics
•    spatial and temporal statistics
•    multivariate analysis
•    non-parametric inference
•    longitudinal models
•    generalized additive models and mixture models

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