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Publications 2014

Papers published in 2014 in peer review journals

  • Almeida, J., Costa, J. C., Zeitoun, M., “Iterated periodicity over finite aperiodic semigroups”, European Journal of Combinatorics 37 (2014), 115–149 [RepositoriUM]
  • Almeida, J., Costa, J. C., Zeitoun, M., "Closures of regular languages for profinite topologies", Semigroup Forum 89(1) (2014), 20–40 [RepositoriUM]
  • Billhardt, B., Giraldes, E., Marques-Smith, P., Mendes Martins, P., “The variety of unary semigroups with associate inverse subsemigroup", Semigroup Forum 89(1) (2014), 68-71  [RepositoriUM]
  • Costa, J. C., “Canonical forms for free k-semigroups”, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science 26 (2014), 159-178 [RepositoriUM]
  • Fernandes, L. M., Júdice, J. J., Sherali, H. D., Forjaz, M. A., "On an enumerative algorithm for solving eigenvalue complementarity problems", Comput. Optim. Appl. 59(1-2) (2014), 113-134
  • Hartwig, R. E., Patrício, P., "Two by two units", Electron. J. Linear Algebra 27 (2014), 489-503
  • Lebtahi, L., Patricio, P., Thome, N., "The diamond partial order in rings", Linear and Multilinear Algebra 62(3) (2014), 386-395
  • Mendes Araújo, C., Torregrosa, Juan R., "Some results on B-matrices and doubly B-matrices", Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 459 (2014), 101-120
  • Mendes-Gonçalves, S., Sullivan, R. P., “Regular Elements and Green's Relations in Generalized Linear Transformation Semigroups”, Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics 38(1) (2014), 73-82 [RepositoriUM]
  • Zhu, H., Chen, J., Zhang, X., Patrício, P., "The Moore-Penrose inverse of 2×2 matrices over a certain ∗-regular ring", Appl. Math. Comput. 246 (2014), 263-267

Papers published in 2014 in proceedings of international conferences

  • Espírito Santo, J., Matthes, R., Nakazawa, K., Pinto, L., “Confluence for classical logic through the distinction between values and computations”, CL&C 2014, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 164 (2014), 63-77 [consultar no RepositoriUM]
  • Forjaz, M. A., Almeida, A.M., Lacerda-Arôso, T., Pamplona, J., "Complementary Eigenvalue Problem in systems with frictional contact: the Stiffness Matrix for the contact nodes between different materials", Proceeding of the 14th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2014), Guimarães, Portugal, June 30 - July 3, 2014. IEEE Computer Society, 268-271

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