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The Centre of Mathematics

The Centre of Mathematics (CMAT) is a research unit of the University of Minho that aims to develop and promote its research activity covering a large range of fundamental and applied mathematical areas. CMAT has a dynamic and rather young research team with 90 members. This team is actively involved in scientific activities, as well as in graduate and postgraduate education in cooperation with the Department of Mathematics and Applications of the University of Minho.

CMAT is structured in 4 research groups covering several mathematical domains. Some of them are Algebra, Logic, Computation, Dynamical Systems, Particle Systems, Partial or Ordinary or Fractional Differential Equations, Optimisation, Mathematical Modeling, Kinetic Theory, Robotics, Numerical Analysis, Algebraic and Computational Topology, Differential Geometry, General Relativity, Statistics, Applied Probability and Operational Research.

As a research unit integrated in the National Scientific and Technological System of Research Units, CMAT tries to answer to new scientific challenges with impact on the applied and technological real life problems as well as on the societal and regional development. Guided by this objective, the Unit promoted very recently a reorganisation of the research groups joining fundamental research in Mathematics and Applications to other Sciences around four major areas:

(1) Algebra, Logic and Computation;

(2) Analysis;

(3) Geometry and Topology;

(4) Statistics, Probability and Operational Research.

This new organisation contributes to improve the scientific activity within the research groups, fostering closer collaborations among the members and reinforcing the scientific environment of the unit. At the same time, it enables the Unit to develop its activity along strong and consistent streamlines starting from fundamental mathematics, going through applications to Physics, Engineering, Health and Environmental Sciences and arriving at the societal and regional needs. This structure represents a strategic key point of the Unit and of its scientific project and renders a competitive position to the Unit within the National Scientific and Technological System.

In the past years, valuable and productive collaborations have been initiated with several Institutions and Research Units; among them, we quote those with Polymer and Environmental Engineering, Psychology, Health Sciences and Hospitals, Industry and Agriculture Production. These ongoing collaborations emphasize the capability of the CMAT research team to interact with applied groups outside the Unit, to transfer its knowledge to other domains and to contribute to the regional and national development.

Moreover, the members of the Unit have long-lasting collaborations with members of other national Research Units in Mathematics and Statistics, including research centres in Aveiro, Porto, Coimbra and Lisboa.

As an FCT research unit, CMAT activities have been accompanied by various Advisory Committees composed of internationally recognised specialists in the field of Mathematics. The Advisory Committee of the Unit formed in the beginnings of 2013 has the following composition:

  • Steve Kirkland, Hamilton Institute, National University of Ireland, Ireland;
  • Thierry Gallouet, CNRS/Aix-Marseille & Université/Centrale Marseille, France;
  • Paul Tod, St John's College, University of Oxford, U.K.;
  • Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The Centre of Mathematics has adhered to the Code of Practice of the European Mathematical Society.

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